Successful social worker Vijay Thakre The Inspired Foundation Madhya Pradesh India

Vijay Thakre ji is a well-known social worker of Madhya Pradesh, currently the President of The Inspired Foundation, which continuously runs since 2014 in all the districts of Madhya Pradesh for cleanliness, water conservation, literacy, malnutrition, women empowerment and many awareness campaigns in Madhya Pradesh. Who was awarded the best cleanliness award of Seoni district in 2015 and is honored with cleanliness award every year continuously, by Vijay Thakre ji to make people aware and participate in the vaccination car during the Kovid-19 epidemic. Vijai Thakre ji has been honored by Madhya Pradesh Jan Parishad Abhiyan with a citation, signed by the Chief Minister for doing excellent work during the Kovid-19 epidemic in 2021.

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