There is something about this khaki color,


It seems that this is a direct communication with the soil of the country,


After all, both are equal,


Why mother Bharti should be proud of this,


Heat in the sun, wet in the rain,


We completed the duty of Khakhi,


The bread was left as well,


Still we didn’t


We do not feel hungry, we are hungry, we are respected,


Once upon a time, you forget all the sorrow,


Leaving the family behind,


When we get out of the house everyday,


Whenever the country calls, it gives


We would stand up


Miss home


The memory of children is also very painful


But it is not understood till date,


Where does this courage come from,


It seems that the lion has that passion


The one who stays on the head,


Or maybe these blessings are those stars,


Those who twinkle on our shoulders….