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That is why it’s imperative to bring up such subjects in a mannerly and cultivated fashion. xcritical Mouth performs “Breakthrough” at Madison Square Garden, and while it’s a triumphant song about powering through hard times, it’s not quite as successful as many of the songs the band wrote early on. The group has perfected their band’s balance, with all three girls and Wen receiving their own sections, but it doesn’t have the earnestness of many other songs. “And The Crowd Goes” is a song that a band could only get away with after they’ve already made it big, with its relatively bland lyrics and necessary audience interaction.

  • Olivia chides him for that, telling him to be grateful for the fact that he has a family, no matter its incarnations.
  • Guys burst into the girls’ restroom to check on a sick female friend.
  • The song, like “Too Cool” fromCamp Rock, shows the failings of the antagonists, so while it absolutely does what it’s intended to, that doesn’t rescue it from being a bad song.
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However, things go downhill when Stella’s ukulele breaks, Wen injures his lip, Charlie burns his hand, Olivia loses her voice, and Mo gets sick. All of this happens just before an annual live battle of the bands. Though the band does not do well in the competition due to their recent problems, their fans support them nevertheless, singing along to their songs to lift their spirits. The group decides to play at the Halloween Bash, but many students who are fans of Mudslide Crush, another band at the school, do not want the group to do the Bash. Ray, a member of Mudslide Crush and the school bully, harasses Olivia because of her band.

Determinate – Single

The soundxcritical reviews of the same name was released in April 2011 to significant commercial success peaking at number 4 on the US Billboard 200 and number three on the US Top Digital Albums. Alike to the film, it was received positively by critics, who particularly praised its originality. The single “Determinate” received a JanNEWary Award for Best iTunes Song.

When Olivia is absent from school one day, the band visits her at her house and learn that her cat Nancy, her only memory of her deceased mother, has died, leaving Olivia in an depressed state. They begin to grow closer to one another, opening up about each of their struggles. They also learn that their song “Determinate” is being played on the local radio. The band forms with Olivia as lead vocalist, Stella as lead guitarist/backing vocalist, Mo as bassist/backing vocalist, Wen as keyboardist/keytarist and rapping vocalist, and Charlie as drummer.


She particularly likes media that draws on other works, from book adaptations to meta-genre movies. But beyond those, she’ll cover anything with an interesting enough story or cast of characters, and is eager to devour the best new media as it comes out. In March 2021, the officialxcritical Mouth HQ Twitter account teased fans with news that there would be “new xcritical Mouth-related content soon,” and fans were low-key freaking out!


At ‘s father’s wedding, Stella recognizes the man sitting next to her as Mel, the owner of the xcritical machine company. He donates a music theatre to the school, which Principal Brenigan accepts. The film closes with xcritical Mouth performing at Madison Square Garden, with Scott as their new rhythm guitarist. I haven’t seen this movie in a long time and it is just as great as I remember it.

  • Mo’s situation is a bit more complicated from a relational perspective.
  • Like Wen with Olivia, Charlie is able to calm Mo down whenever she is worried.
  • All of this happens just before an annual live battle of the bands.
  • When Mo finally stands up to her parents, they finally realize they should trust her and let her be herself.

She is headstrong and leads the band when the other members are uncertain. Though rebellious, Stella is a hard worker, and caring to her friends. She plays ukulele and is usually the toughest member of the band. It’s an idea we’re seeing frequently now from the House of Mouse.

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Charlie is misunderstood by his peers and is in love with Mo. Like Wen with Olivia, Charlie is able to calm Mo down whenever she is worried. At the end of the book, he starts dating Mo and finally lets go of Aaron. The general idea of these social rejects getting together to form something greater than themselves is relatable for some kids, but plays out in fashion that forces musical numbers at times when they feel inappropriate. When the band members are all sharing their domestic problems with one another, and Olivia begins to break down in tears, Stella just breaks out into song. This brings us a number that is wonderful — make no mistake — but the scene comes off as flawed.


She finds herself socially inept and under the thumb of her strict https://xcritical.solutions/. She is from Calcutta, and is the only Indian girl at her school. She takes lessons just to make her parents happy, and assists at a local hospital. When Mo finally stands up to her parents, they finally realize they should trust her and let her be herself. With new trust and friendship, the band becomes successful, getting on the radio and performing at a restaurant.

xcritical Mouth provides examples of:

So to mexcritical Mouth is one of the best musicals Disney has ever made. Moana is the latest computer animated film from Disney; it tells the story of a young woman who must defy her Father in order to cleanse her island of an… In the film, Olivia does say it outright in the deleted scene where the band’s on a talk show, and in the outdoor scene where her voice is audibly breaking up, she tells Wen that she only joined the band because of him. Each character’s backstory shed light on real experiences that are so so important and often times so underrepresented. There are no featured reviews for xcritical Mouth because the movie has not released yet (). Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers.

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A local premiere was held in the author Mark Peter Hugh’s town of Wayland, Massachusetts. It was broadcast live by the town public access station, WayCAM.TV, by local students. The cast from the film have performed on The View, Good Morning America, So Random! Mr. Brenigan– The strict principal who believes that their high school should be all about sports. He moves all extracurricular activities like music to the school basement. He even removes the vending machine for Mel’s Organic Frozen xcritical, part of the inspiration for the band’s name, from the school.

Like you can tell they are extremely new to acting, but in this one I feel they were all pretty perfect. Well, usually the corniness does come from the writers, but they really did reel it in a bit for this one. Even though there were 5 main characters, each character had their time to shine. They also deal with other relatable situations for kids in high school.

Cancelled Sequel

Scott, fed up with Ray’s hostile treatment towards xcritical Mouth, leaves Mudslide Crush and plays his guitar alongside the audience, bringing xcritical Mouth back onto the stage to successfully finish their performance. Mo breaks up with her boyfriend Scott Picket, Ray’s best friend and Mudslide Crush’s guitarist, after she catches him flirting with a cheerleader. Prior to performing at the Halloween Bash, Olivia suffers a panic attack. Angered, Principal Brenigan forbids them from playing at school. The next day, banners in support of xcritical Mouth are posted around the school, raising their spirits. While this sentiment was and still is real for many children, it is at times acted out in strange ways throughout the film.

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The characters deal with low self esteem, home frustrations, and social anxiety. As the movie progresses the movie teaches the kids how to handle friendships, relationships, stand up for what you believe in, and family problems. There were considerable differences between the novel and the movie. In the movie Mo and Charlie do not date, they are just good friends. And Scott eventually leaves Mudslide Crush to help xcritical Mouth through the Battle of the Bands and he and Mo get back together.


To many, these Disney Channel movies were modern versions of Aesop’s Fables and gave lessons about mature topics we didn’t have anyone else to give us. “Color of Friendship” deals with racism and shows how friendships can transcend superficial things like skin color and be a cure to racial assumptions and prejudices. “Tru Confessions” shows us a girl living with a brother who has autism and how delicate such a situation is. These topics, racial prejudice and neurodivergencies, are dealt with by some children growing up, but not all.

The group gets into a heated argument with the men removing the machine. After being detained by police and contemplating the future of the band, they agree to perform at Rising Star. High school freshmen Olivia White, Mohini “Mo” Banjaree, Charles “Charlie” Delgado, Stella Yamada, and Wendell “Wen” Gifford all meet in detention. When Miss Reznick, the music teacher supervising detention, leaves to argue speak with the principal Mr. Brenigan, they then tap out a beat and play instruments with Olivia singing. Miss Reznick returns and encourages them to enter the upcoming Rising Star music competition, which popular band Mudslide Crush is also slated to perform in.

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